diar peter en jan pieter

DIARY.  A box with 10 books ( volume 1 - 13). Handprinted in b/w. Format (Leporello) books each 14 x10 x 3 cm. Total pages: 430. Format box 17 x 33 x 13 cm. Idea, design, photographs and print: Peter Spaans. (An artist's book, first edition in 2010, printing on demand). In which the written diary, period 1942 - 1945, from my father is brought together with the visual diary of my journey through America in 2007. The photos are details of pictures that I took during my trip to America in 2007. The pages of the diary I photographed as well as I normally shoot: "casual, fast, almost casually, but very focused. The pages are sometimes just out of focus, and exposure is always different. My father and I both make a journey: he was forced, I want out free, but it's also about: father - son, old - young, occasionally, long journey - short trip and so on.
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